Jinhua JECH Tools Co.,Ltd is located in the middle of Zhejiang, Jinhua City. It is 50KM away from Yiwu International Trade Market.

Our main products are CE standard safety harnesses, safety belts, cargo lashings, towing belts, webbing slings,reflective safety vest , hardware tools, lifting slings and other kinds of safety products.

The company owns the most advanced imported textile machines,dye equipments, computer pattern sewing machine and advanced preocess. Furthermore, we have full sets of testing machine (Horizontal tensile testing machine, Salt and Spray testing machine , 8-meter fall attest testing towers and so on).

The company have obtained ISO9001:2000 International Quality Certificate as well as CE/EN361,EN362,EN358. Our goods were sent to many foreign countries,as Europe ,German ,USA,Holand,Brazil and Singapore,Russia,Malaysia,Tailand, Japan, and many country from Middle East.. And the quality and service is owned good comment from all our customers.

The company serves all goods under the internations standard for the internal and external customers from all industries with the guiding principle as "Honesty", "Security" "Sciences" "Quickness". At same time, our company can develop and produce specific items according to samples, real designs or techniques provided by customers.



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FAX: 00-86-579-82212585

ADDRESS:No.1448 Tongxi Road
Linjiang Industrial Zone,
Wucheng District,
Jinhua city ,
Zhejiang Province,China


E-MAIL:[email protected]









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