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Test catalog
EN361:2002---Full body harness
EN355:2002---Energy Absorbers
EN358:1999---Belts for Work positioning and restraint and work positioning lanyard
EN813:2008---Sit harness
EN364:1993---Test Methods
EN1497:2007---Rescue harness
EN1891:1998---Low strenth kernmantel rope
EN353-2:2002---Guided type fall arrestes including a flexible anchor line
EN892:2012---Mountaineering equipment-Dynamic mountaineering ropes-Safety requirements and test methods
EN360:2002---Retactable type fall arresters 
EN795:1997---Anchor Device

Z359.1 Personal fall arrest systems,subsystems and components
Z359.2 Minmum requirements for a Comprehensive managed fall protection program
Z359.3 Positioning and travel restaint systems
Z359.4 Safety requirement for assisted-Rescue and self-rescue systems,subsystems and components
Z359.6 Specifications and Design Requirements for Active fall protection systems
Z359.11--2014 Full body harness
Z359.12 Connecting components for personal fall arrest systems
Z359.13--2013 Energy Absorbers lanyards

Z259-10--2012 Full body harness
Z259.11--2005 Energy absorbers and lanyard
Z259.12--2011 Connecting components for personal fall arrest systems

AS/NZS 1891.1--2007 Harness and ancillsry equipment
AS/NZS 1891.2--2001 Horizontal lifeline and rail systems
AS/NZS 1891.3--1997 Fall arrwst devices
AS/NZS 1891.4--2009 Selection,use and maintenance

SS528:Part1:2006 Full body harness
SS528:Part2:2006 Personal fall-arrest system -Psrt2 lanyards and energy absorbers
SS528:Part3:2006 Self-retracting lifelines
SS528:Part4:2006 Vertical rails and vertical lifalines incorporaing a sliding-type fall arrestor
SS528:Part5:2006 Connector
SS528:Part6:2006 System performance tests

GB6095-2009 Personal fall protection systems
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